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6 Incredible Benefits of Living by Orange County, CA’s Beautiful Beaches

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6 Incredible Benefits of Living by Orange County, CA’s Beautiful Beaches

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If given the chance, would you pack your bags and live near the beach for good? Some people might think that city life is the bee’s knees, but live one day by the water and you just might never want to leave. If you’re wondering why people are investing inhomes for sale in Newport Beach and other seaside communities in Orange County, CA, here are 6 compelling reasons.

The weather is perfect

Do you love warm sunny days? Live in or near an Orange County beach to enjoy the most pleasant weather in the country or count yourself among the lucky people living in beach houses for sale in Huntington Beach. The weather is so good that there’s rarely a bad time to wear shorts, put on some sunscreen, and hit the beach.

Stellar scenery day or night

Living by the beach means waking up to refreshing views of calm blue waters every morning. Not only that, you also get to marvel at the most gorgeous sunsets that set the tone for a relaxing night after a long day at work.

If that sounds great to you, then check out the beautiful homes for sale in Irvine. Live there and not only do you get easy access to the beach, but you can enjoy the many benefits of an environment built around sustainability: lush green open spaces, recycled water, hybrid energy, and alternative transportation – bikes – to encourage health and fitness.

Peace and quiet

Say goodbye to honking cars and outside noise that can add discord to your day. Orange County’s beaches give you the sort of peace and quiet you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Slumber peacefully through the night and wake up each morning to the soothing splash of waves on the shore.

Your daily dose of “Vitamin Sea”

Beachside living comes with the added perk of better health. It’s no secret that a trip to the beach can help you destress, so just imagine the benefits if you actually lived there. You get to breathe soothing sea air, soak up tons of vitamin D, and go for a swim every day. That means less stress, a healthier body, and more reasons to enjoy life.

You’ll never run out of things to do

Recreational possibilities are endless on Orange County’s incredible beaches. Whether you are up for an energetic day of beach volleyball, want to spend the day challenging the waves on your surfboard, or while the day away on a whale watching expedition, you can always count on something exciting and new to do.

If you want to take a break from the water, there’s no shortage of pursuits either. Go hiking along scenic trails, visit all kinds of interactive museums, scream your lungs out on the most exhilarating amusement park rides, and more.

Fresh local seafood

Live by the beach and gain access to the freshest seafood there is. Head to the market for succulent newly caught shrimp or lobster and a wide variety of seafood you can take home to your kitchen. Not in the mood to cook? There are also several restaurants serving creatively prepared dishes that are sure to tickle your palate as well as fill your stomach.

Looking to live by the beach? If you’re considering buying a home in a neighborhood by the water, our amazing team at Principal Agent Real Estate Inc. can help you find the perfect home in one of Orange County’s beautiful coastal communities. Give us a call at 949.610.4165 or send us an email at info(at)pareinc(dotted)com to take your first step towards living the dream.