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Quick decorating ideas to freshen up any space

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Quick decorating ideas to freshen up any space

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Have you always dreaded the thought of starting a home redecorating project, afraid that it could get expensive and time-consuming? Well, breathing new life into your home doesn’t require a full-on renovation! You can start simple, with small revamps that can make a big difference.

We’ve compiled some quick and easy decorating and home improvement tips that won’t break the bank.

  1. Go rustic by upcycling

    Modern rustic décor exudes a certain charm that adds warmth and coziness to your home. You can achieve this by upcycling some old wood planks and crates to use as a side table or for storage.

  2. Add style with colorful and patterned rugs

    Rugs and carpets not only add personality to a room but also cover up scuffed wood and help provide an illusion of a bigger space. Rugs with horizontal stripes are the perfect foil for narrow hallways and rooms, making them look wider than they really are.

  3. Add storage

    Freestanding shelves are a practical storage solution that can go anywhere. A storage ladder, for example, is a stylish indoor/outdoor option on which can go books, picture frames, and plants. Or use shelves to hold other decorative objects or toys and other collectibles, for a nice pop of color.

  4. Connect with nature

    Plants help inject life into the home. They offer both decorative and wellness benefits, and taking care of them makes for a great hobby. If you aren’t a green thumb, consider synthetic plants as an alternative – there’s no maintenance needed!

  5. Illuminate and display memories with fairy lights

    Fairy lights, also known as string lights, aren’t just Christmas lights. Many people use them to spruce up the bedroom by clipping their favorite photos and notes onto them. They can also be used to provide romantic outdoor lighting to make your date nights and house parties even more special.

  6. Have an accent wall

    Add character and transform the vibe of any space with an accent wall. Experiment with color, pattern, and texture on a single wall rather than the entire room, so it doesn’t look too busy or overwhelming.

  7. Display beautiful paintings and photographs

    Is painting or hanging wallpaper in your rooms too much of a commitment? Adding art pieces can transform a room just as well! Hang a single beautiful painting, or dot your wall with several interesting prints or family pictures. An amazing sculpture can provide a focal point and be a great conversation starter as well.

You can DIY many of these ideas and personalize the designs and decorations to your liking. Try our suggestions to refresh a room in your home, or to decorate that house you’re hoping to buy!

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