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The Perfect Beach Life: 5 Reasons to Move to Newport Beach, CA

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The Perfect Beach Life: 5 Reasons to Move to Newport Beach, CA

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From pristine beaches to amazing communities, Newport Beach in Orange County, CA has all the makings of the perfect coastal city. It’s a great place to live, and you are sure to consider yourself lucky to call it home. But if you’re still up in the air about making the move, we’ve listed 5 of the best reasons to live here.

  1. The weather is near-perfect
  2. If you’re not much of a fan of rainy days, then you’ll love Newport Beach. The climate here is consistently temperate, and you’ll rarely have to worry about running into bad weather. Rain is practically unheard of, giving you plenty of opportunity to bask in the warm sun all year round. Every day is a perfect day to put on some sunscreen and go for a swim.

  3. 8 miles of beachfront
  4. Newport Beach has some of the best beaches in Southern California: everything from the most secluded beach gems to iconic shores. Crystal-clear waters; clean powder-fine sands; and picture-perfect sunsets are just some of the things that make it the idyllic place to call home.

    Head to Newport Dunes Resort Beach for watersports and boat rentals. You also won’t want to miss out on exploring the colorful tide pools and gorgeous rock formations along Cameo Shores Beach. If you’re up for an underwater adventure, check out Crystal Cove Underwater Park’s beautiful reefs in Treasure Cove Beach.

    Some other must-visit beaches include Balboa Pier Beach, Newport Municipal Beach, and West Newport Beach.

  5. Colorful neighborhoods to explore
  6. The beaches in Newport Beach are amazing, but it’s the neighborhoods in the area that cement this seaside city as a great place to live. Go exploring and you’ll notice that it manages to be, in equal measure, a homey community and a tourists’ paradise.

    Beautiful beach homes dot the waterfront everywhere you look, while fun and excitement await you at every corner. Whether you’re in your 20s with an active lifestyle or a much more staid adult seeking peace and quiet, there is a home waiting for you here.

    To find the most appealing neighborhood. check out include West Newport, Balboa Peninsula, and Corona Del Mar.

  7. You’ll never grow hungry
  8. From plump fish to oversized prawns, the fresh seafood of Newport Beach is some of the tastiest you’ll ever get your hands on. And it’s not just seafood. Newport Beach’s restaurants serve everything from melt-in-your-mouth cheesy pizza to the juiciest steaks around. With over 400 restaurants to choose from, you’ll never run out of delicious options. Have a casual lunch by the water, or dine in the lap of luxury on a boat as you sail into the sunset.

    Some of the top restaurants in the area are The Beachcomber Café, Javier’s, and The Cannery.

  9. Year-round events
  10. Whether it’s a music festival or a sports event, you can bet you’re last dollar that there’ll always be something new and exciting to look forward to on Newport Beach throughout the year.

    A few of the most exciting annual events include the Newport Beach Jazz Festival in June, the Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival in October, and the Christmas Boat Parade in December.

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