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Why waterfront homes are good investments

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Why waterfront homes are good investments

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Waterfront properties are unlike any other piece of real estate. Being near a body of water, whether it’s a beach, lake, or ocean, has a variety of unique advantages that you won’t find anywhere else. These types of properties also have huge investment potential.

If you’re looking to invest in the waterfront homes for sale in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, or the surrounding areas, here’s why you’re making the right decision:

Waterfront properties offer a unique, unparalleled lifestyle

From endless outdoor activities to stunning water views, there’s no doubt that waterfront properties offer a lifestyle unlike any other. Boating, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking are just some of the exciting activities to do.

Aside from these recreational benefits, living near a body of water also has a positive effect on one’s overall wellbeing. Many studies have shown that the fresh air from the water, whether it’s a sea, lake, or river, contributes to a stronger immune system and better sleep.

The view isn’t likely to change

No one is going to build a wall on the ocean or the beach. In other areas you may have to contend with new buildings, developments, walls, etc. going up right outside your window and ruining your view. This isn’t a problem when you’re right by the water.

Waterfront properties have a high value

As you probably know, location is a huge factor when it comes to pricing a property. Because of their unbeatable location waterfront properties have long been considered prime real estate and are typically worth twice the value of non-waterfront homes. Waterfront properties are also typically located in exclusive neighborhoods, which command a higher value.

But not all waterfront is created equal. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the home’s location first before making a decision since the area a property is built on also contributes to its value. A waterfront home that is built well and is on sturdy land has a bigger chance of retaining and increasing its value.

Waterfront properties are in demand

It’s no secret that waterfront properties are incredibly appealing. Living near the water is a dream for many. The gorgeous views, easy access to the water, and the exciting outdoor activities that the location offers are unparalleled. And since there isn’t a lot of buildable land left on waterfronts, these types of properties are highly sought-after.

Should you decide to sell your waterfront property in the future, you will definitely find buyers who will pay top dollar for it.

Waterfront properties can provide passive income

A waterfront property also makes a great rental if you don’t plan on using it often, especially if it’s located in a great community. The rent you receive can also be used to offset the mortgage as well as the upkeep and maintenance costs.

There’s no better time to invest in the waterfront homes for sale in Newport Beach, CA than now. Reach out to Principal Agent Real Estate, Inc., your go-to guide for buying and investing in Southern California luxury real estate. Give us a call at 949.610.4165 or email us at info(at)pareinc(dotted)com.